Order of Malta Kenya

Kangemi Resource Centre

The Kangemi Resource Centre supports non-formal schools by providing training for the teachers. It began in Nairobi in 2006 with the purpose of improving children’s schooling conditions and their level of education. The founder received support from the Order of Malta in Belgium, along with many other generous donors.

The centre currently houses a small library of books and educational materials, and a computer room of 10 computers, 1 copy machine and 2 printers. The centre offers the local community access to the Internet and other services at affordable rates; a facility that was previously unheard of in the slums. Regular training sessions for teachers at non-formal schools are organised at the centre on a regular basis. We currently provide training to a total of 70 schools; this has a direct impact on the education of 10,000 children.

Within the Kangemi Resource Centre is a sewing workshop called Mama Africa. There are currently 10 women who sew saleable items made from local kikoy material. From the sales of the items the woman have been able to improve their lives and those of their families by bringing in some income.

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