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Dear visitor, welcome to the website of our Embassy in Kenya!

Dr. Wilhelm von Trott zu SolzOur presence in Kenya is a living expression of the good diplomatic relations that exist between the Sovereign Order of Malta and the Republic of Kenya. The Order of Malta is engaged in constantly improving the livelihood of men, women and children. Our activities in all countries throughout the world are especially centred on the needs of the poor and handicapped people, regardless of race, religion or gender.

We welcome guests to our website and invite them to help us and our relief organisation to make this world a better place, for the benefit of the needy and the poor, the sick and the handicapped.

Stay together with us in this country of diversity, of wildlife heritage and of breathtaking landscapes and enjoy the warm welcome of its people.

News Archive

Community Health Workers - Nairobi slums TB project

Jul 13, 2011

It has been a few months now since the handover of the TB clinics to the Ministry of Medical Services. As previously documented in Drumbeat, Malteser International is keeping the management of the Community Health Workers (CHWs) as part of their work in Kenya. The overall objective of the project is to enhance prevention and care of tuberculosis through intensified case finding in the communities, through community health workers.


Community Health Workers - Nairobi slums TB projectAchievements to date
Regular health education has been carried out in the communities. All the 48 CHWs were issued with safari boots that they wear while carrying out community activities. For visibility and identification in the communities all 48 CHWs were bought polo shirts and back packs containing first aid kits.

Indirect Results/Outcomes:

  • Regular health education in the communities: From January to June 1440 health education sessions have been conducted by CHWs against a target of 2,880 sessions for the year.
  • Referral of chronic coughers: So far 1,700 coughers against target of 3,350 have been referred for screening and 10% of these were positive cases
  • Defaulter tracing: 90 patients have defaulted on their TB treatment. 60 of these have been traced and now resumed their treatment
  • Contact tracing: So far 723 smear positive TB contacts have been traced and screened for TB and 10% are smear positive.
  • Home Based Care: To date 260 very sick TB patients have been given home based care.
  • Nutrition support: So far 50 patients have benefited from nutrition support against a projected 150 patients per year.
  • Linkage to other partners for assistance: To date CHWs have referred and linked 800 of the TB patients with other partners to assist them with additional needs.

Way forward:
We will continue with the Community Health Worker activities. Our main concern over the coming months is to look for new donors who can fund the entire TB/HIV project for a minimum of 3 ‐4 years.