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Dear visitor, welcome to the website of our Embassy in Kenya!

Dr. Wilhelm von Trott zu SolzOur presence in Kenya is a living expression of the good diplomatic relations that exist between the Sovereign Order of Malta and the Republic of Kenya. The Order of Malta is engaged in constantly improving the livelihood of men, women and children. Our activities in all countries throughout the world are especially centred on the needs of the poor and handicapped people, regardless of race, religion or gender.

We welcome guests to our website and invite them to help us and our relief organisation to make this world a better place, for the benefit of the needy and the poor, the sick and the handicapped.

Stay together with us in this country of diversity, of wildlife heritage and of breathtaking landscapes and enjoy the warm welcome of its people.

News Archive

Hunger relief in Northern Kenya

Aug 11, 2011

Carrying several tonnes of rice, beans and oil, Malteser International’s first relief convoy has reached northern Kenya, where it is being distributed to 17,000 people in the region. Working together with volunteers from the Marsabit diocese, Malteser International, the relief service of the Order of Malta for worldwide humanitarian aid, has started the first distribution phase for food items in four villages in Marsabit District, with a fifth village scheduled for distribution in the coming week.

“It hasn’t rained for a very long time in this desert-like region, and the people here were hit especially hard”, says Ute Kirch, emergency relief coordinator for Malteser International. “People here live traditionally from livestock, but pastures have dried out, the cattle is dying, and there’s no more food – they have used up all of their reserves”.

Residents of Marsabit District, and even those coming from farther regions, have started coming for registration in one of the health care units in Segel, Kargi, Laisamis and Sakardala. In those villages, Malteser International is giving each registered family a monthly ration consisting of 12 kilogrammes of rice, 6 kilogrammes of beans and 2 litres of cooking oil. The distribution will continue over the coming weeks and months. Children, pregnant women and the elderly, who are particularly weakened and vulnerable, will receive a protein- and vitamin-enriched supplement in addition to the staple food items.

“In Laisamis, the local hospital reports that three children suffering from acute malnutrition have already died”, Kirch says. “There, we distributed food items to 666 households – a total of 2,664 people – including undernourished children, pregnant and lactating women, as well as elderly and sick residents”.

In the village of Segel, 49 herder families received food aid for a total of 208 people. The families in need came to Segel from a different region, as there was no more food for the cattle where they lived. The need is also great in the villages of Sakardala and Kargi, where the distribution will be expanded based on the ongoing registration of affected families.