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Dear visitor, welcome to the website of our Embassy in Kenya!

Dr. Wilhelm von Trott zu SolzOur presence in Kenya is a living expression of the good diplomatic relations that exist between the Sovereign Order of Malta and the Republic of Kenya. The Order of Malta is engaged in constantly improving the livelihood of men, women and children. Our activities in all countries throughout the world are especially centred on the needs of the poor and handicapped people, regardless of race, religion or gender.

We welcome guests to our website and invite them to help us and our relief organisation to make this world a better place, for the benefit of the needy and the poor, the sick and the handicapped.

Stay together with us in this country of diversity, of wildlife heritage and of breathtaking landscapes and enjoy the warm welcome of its people.

News Archive

Huruma Water Treatment Project

Oct 25, 2011

"This project showcases affordable and sustainable technology and demonstrates that modest investments can have a significant impact"

The Meckow Aquapur Unit that we donated to the Hurumu Slum Village Community has recently been inaugurated in the presence of Ambassador Cicogna Mozzoni and representatives from UNHabitat.

We are very proud to be a part of the initiative to provide 3000 litres of clean, safe drinking water each hour to this community of 4000 people. Having access to safe water is something that most of us take for granted; to have to collect water in buckets from the nearest river or stream is a hardship that faces the majority of Nairobi slum dwellers.

Even when they have sourced the water it is often of a very dangerous quality, carrying disease. The operations and maintenance costs of the facility will be met by selling water to the local community at 1.50Ksh (0.01p)for 20 litres.

This will also encourage ‘ownership’ and appreciation of the equipment. Any excess funds that are generated will be used to upgrade other requirements within the community. The Meckow unit that was provided by the Order of Malta Embassy in Kenya was made possible through the generosity of the Foreign Aid Service of the British Association of the Order of Malta.